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Master Energy Dynamics  
  • Date:
  • April 22-24, 2017
  • Location:
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Venue:
  • Holiday Inn Houston Intercontinental Airport
  • Address:
  • 15222 JFK Boulevard Houston, TX 77032


Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems Houston April 22-24, 2017
Holiday Inn Houston Intercontinental Airport 15222 JFK Boulevard Houston, TX 77032

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HOLO-SYNCHRONOUS ENERGETIC TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS* THIS COURSE IS BEING OFFERED AS A COMPLETE THREE DAY SEMINAR The Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems* course embodies Dr. Richard Bartlett’s 25 years of knowledge and the knowledge of his master teachers. This course may be taken by anyone regardless of their level of medical or healing training. There is no prerequisite required to attend this course. 

Dr. Richard Bartlett

Developer of Matrix Energetics® &
Master Energy Dynamics 


for Bio 

This course combines our Master Energy Dynamics and Master Harmonic Resonance Technology courses into a unique and easy to access format that will allow you to go deep into the path of the physiology of the body. You will learn to work with conditions and patterns and how to apply specific solutions and modules to create a new, healthy, and vital state of being. Our M.E.D. course is a system for working in depth with the physiology, biochemistry, and energetic patterns of the body in the fight or flight stress response and working in the process of correcting conditions and patterns. Our MHRTcourse is an advanced system of modules that are configured to work on specific health conditions and patterns. Combining the two courses together will allow us to go deep into the path of the physiology of the body with an easy to access format. You will learn to go through the reflexes and patterns that are involved in M.E.D. and then access the MHRT modules that are indicated for that particular type of pattern.

M.E.D. TECHNOLOGY explores physiological, biochemical and energetic reactions to the stress adaptation response and teaches the body’s holographic systems to move out of those reactions and create a new, healthy, and vital state of being.

• Discover the system Dr. Bartlett developed and practiced successfully before he created Matrix Energetics. A system he considers so highly effective that he continues to utilize it today.
• Examine how, why, and what the body does when it moves into stress response.
• Learn how M.E.D. provides the holographic body a new strategy and a different reality.
• Learn how M.E.D.* addresses every condition and every system.
• No Prerequisite is required to attend this seminar. No particular background or experience or expertise is required. Unfold new skillsets, deepen your understanding and ability to interact with the holographic templates of the body’s structures and functions. Learn how to engage with precise energetic patterns and to then deliver specific corrections to the holographic body systems in order to access the pathways of the fight or flight stress response. Teach the body how to ‘see’ its patterns of biochemical, functional and structural adaptations to the stress response and thus be able, with a little help, to heal itself!

MASTER HARMONIC RESONANCE TECHNOLOGY (MHRT) was developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett in a download that he received intuitively from his guides, or angels as they call themselves. This protocol is a complete system of healing designed to clear deep-seated energetic imbalances and harmonic interference patterns from the body’s energy field clearing the way for a more complete healing to occur. The entire protocol will be taught utilizing a combination of lecture, Power Point, demonstration, and guided practice interaction for each part of the protocol. This step-by-step procedure is driven by a process known as Windows and utilizes proprietary consciousness technology developed by Dr. Bartlett called Modules. This new protocol synthesizes a complete procedural system for energetic correction of patterns of disorga-nized function into a comprehensive approach. This protocol will work on family, friends, and animals and is an excellent method that can be applied for self-healing. It also works very well as a Premier Distance Healing Methodology using a surrogate, such as an acupuncture model.

Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm (8:30 am registration)
Sunday & Monday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm 

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