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Buddha Purnima Awakening Intensive  
  • Date:
  • May 5-11, 2017
  • Location:
  • Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Venue:
  • Cosmic Rhythm Spiritual & healing Retreat
  • Address:
  • Cosmic Rhythm Spritual & healing Retreat, Amoni Village, Bhopal
  • Price:
  • $1,200.00 USD

Universal abundance and divine grace are, and have always been at our disposal. The hand of God is forever stretched towards us and God is ever keen to pull us towards himself. As we too are keen to touch the hand of God, let us stretch our hand out to get this universal abundance.

The AWAKENING INTENSIVE Workshop gives us an opportunity to realize how truly magnificent we really are.

The Awakening Intensive is at one and the same time a form of therapy, a form of yoga, a form of meditation, a form of Zen, almost sophistic, extremely deeply mystical (beyond all symbols, beyond all methods), completely in the moment, totally non trip laying (therefore completely you), thoroughly dedicated to the full and complete, free and open communication of each individual to every other individual in the universe.

The Awakening Intensive Retreat is a seven day residential workshop which takes place in the environment which is structured to be result oriented, intense and away from distractions.

During the spiritual Awakening retreat, you combine the steady contemplation of key questions with truthful communication. It provides you an opportunity to directly experience and communicate the deepest truths about yourself, life and others. This experience enables you to live consciously, empowers you as an individual through your heart thus facilitating your progress towards personal and spiritual growth.

One intensive weekend is a capsule spiritual journey which starts with thoughts and ends with truth; starts with intellect and ends with your very being.

What lies in the journey is different for every person and can only be understood at the time it is experienced. However, it is generally a period of opening and purification, of going beyond your mind, preconceived ideas and belief systems. A period of getting out of our messed up head all the junk we have been carrying around, all the concepts, attitudes, personalities, games, hang-ups, emotions, fears, theories and a string of nameless blocks that come out and are gone without even being identified. It is a kind of blowing one's spiritual nostrils clear and breathing in the cool stream of pure being.

How this is achieved is very simple. At first the answers come easy; then a little harder; then for a while you can tell stories; then you tire of these and you have no answers at all. After the fury and battle and the struggle comes the still eye of the hurricane. Everything stops. It is that moment that St. John describes," And then there was silence in heaven for half an hour."

Everything stops becoming and just is. When you experience this, you know you have met it... The goal of Awakening workshop. We call it : The Direct Experience of Truth.

This experience is the purpose of the intensive, and everyone who works hard, with sincerity and focused intention has an opportunity to experience the truth of who they are.The way to the truth

It is a tremendous achievement and a remarkable transformation to shift one's orientation in life from power to love, from domination to cooperation in just two days.

No belief system or any particular way of life is taught in and during the Awakening Intensive workshop. No one tells you what the truth is. Everything that happens to you comes from you. You are the cause.

It is an experience you go through, each moment of it is NOW while it is happening. And if you are willing to be open to each Now as it happens, and experience it fully then nothing in the world can keep you from having this experience.

Because awakening is not a far away mystical experience which can be obtained only by those few individuals willing to spend there lives in caves meditating. It is also available for you, provided you will work sincerely and honestly on your question.

One note of reassurance: No one who has ever found out who he is has ever been disappointed.

AKHILESH, facilitator and the co-creator of COSMIC RHYTHM has been conducting psycho-spiritual workshops for the past 20 years. He is inheriting the teachings of Late Mr. Karl Everding ( Germany ), Dr. Roger J. Woolger, USA (author of ‘Other Lives Other Selves’), Dr. Brian Weiss, USA (author of ‘Many Master Many Lives’ and ‘Messages from the Masters’), Dr. Michael Newton, USA (author of ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ ) combined with his own experience based on study, work and research. 


I realized my mind was like a computer experiencing life with conditional old software running over & over again. But during the process when the patterns started dissolving I could see limitless possibilities. During the enlightenment intensive workshop I felt what unconditional Love means, when I had heartfelt feeling of love for everyone even for the pillar, curtain, floor, grass…….


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