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The Sacred Earth Wheel as Path of Love  
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  • July 1-30, 2017
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  • Worldwide
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  • Seeking to build Shamanic Earth Wheels around the World

“We all share the same Earth Mother, regardless of race or country of origin, so let us learn the ways of love, peace and harmony, and seek the good paths in life. It is good to have spoken.” 
― Sun BearThe Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology

The great Native American teacher, Sun Bear taught about the ancient human temple of the Medicine Wheel. He and his students built Earth Wheels around the world. Inspired by his example, a message came to me that I should offer mystical teachings on the sacred principles of shamanism, Native American spirituality and Buddhism named the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth. As part of this shamanic path to empowerment, peace, enlightenment, and love, I was to call upon others to build Earth Wheels at power sites around the world.   I tell this story in my blog, Sun Bear's Breadcrumbs

It is Great because it is big enough to invite and include peoples of all walks of life, beliefs, faith traditions, and opinions to this great table of compassion and enlightenment. The New Earth is a vision of the future of humanity and the planet in which there is mutual respect of our diverse human expressions, beliefs and needs and a willingness to join together for a time to heal ourselves and the Earth. 

Invite me to where you live to build sacred Earth Wheels mapped to the powers and helpers (animal allies, stars, moon, sun), the Cosmic Beings of Light (angels, archangels), Great Cosmic Teachers through Time (Buddha, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Mohammed, the Pale One, and others), and the energies of harmony, peace, compassion and enlightenment. Through drumming, sacred song and circle dances, prayer, and energy medicine, we create a chakra point, a portal through which we can connect to the mystical multiverses. 

We also build a mesa, adapted from a sacred medicine bundle tradition from the Q'ero people of the High Andes in Peru.  Through ceremonies of transformation and healing as we dance and pray at the Earth Wheel, we initiate Stone and Crystal people into a portable medicine wheel inside a beautiful woven cloth. These allies then assist and protect us by clearing away heavy energies, transmuting difficult emotions and experiences into wisdom and peace, and anchoring us into a deep and powerful connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky.  

In locations in Canada and the US where we have built Earth Wheels, the Universe has responded in magical and mysterious ways. One morning, after circle dancing in the wheel, a cloud formation of a spiral with a heart inside appeared in the sky over the wheel.  At sunrise, the day after our nighttime sacred fire ceremony, bear and deer have come to the Wheel. On another morning in early spring, as we danced to the North Lodge, the place of Hummingbird and White Buffalo, we awoke to a visitation from the latter in the form of a light and unexpected snow on the ground.   

The Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth is life-changing for us as individuals, for our communities of heart and for Mother Earth.  

For more information about our classes, click here.  I am available, along with my apprentices, to travel to anywhere in the world to build communities of compassion and love anchored in stone Earth Wheels and the ancient, indigenous mesa tradition.

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